The LASERNEEDLE System uses laser light in the red / infrared range from 658 nm to 808 nm to penetrating the tissue at the necessary depth. In the US it is registered for providing topical heating, modulating inflammatory processes and local blood flow for fast pain relief.

Mayor fields of application are in all indications related to the musculo-skeletal system.

According to the US FDA registration, the LASERNEEDLE System is thus perfectly suitable as a complementary therapy and can lead to pain relieve without causing unwanted thermal risk to the patient.

The technology allows for unattended treatment of the patient and can easily be integrated as an adjunct therapy into existing treatment concepts



The LASERNEEDLE system is equipped with 10 lasers class 3R in order to supply additional energy to the irradiated tissue.

Optical fibers are used to apply the therapeutic laser light with maximum precision and high power density to the affected tissue.

The technology was developed by the LASERNEEDLE corporation. The LASERNEEDLE system is a well proven, high quality product made in Germany.



Available in the US are the following configurations:

  • LASERNEEDLE Touch Solution: 10 red lasers at 658 nm
  • LASERNEEDLE Touch Ortho-Phys: 5 red lasers at 658 nm and 5 infrared lasers at 808 nm

All Laserneedle systems are mounted on a mobile trolley allowing for ergonomic operation of the device, perfect organization of the optical fibers and flexible positioning for the individual treatment.


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